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Why buy handwound pickups as opposed to big-name brands?

Simply put, handwound pickups sound better. The higher degree of randomness that can only be executed by human hands creates a more uneven layering of coils than machine-wound, machine-tensioned winders can. This establishes a more complex image of the guitar's tone and a sweeter-sounding treble response and overwhelming "realness" and articulation.


Can I order different colors?

All Standard pickups on the website will reflect their picture and will only come as shown. To order pickup(s) in different colors or view different custom color configurations, click the "Custom" button on the sidebar or use our Custom Pickup Order Form at www.valhallapickups.com/custom


What is the turnaround time once I order my pickups?

All Standard pickups ship within 24 hours of placing order.

For custom orders made via the Custom Pickup Order Form, once you have completed your order, you will receive your pickup(s) in 4-8 weeks. 


What comes with my pickup(s)?

Along with your pickup(s), you will receive wiring information, mounting hardware, and some extra goodies. 


Do you offer pickups for 7-string or 8-string guitars? What about basses?

Our current production models are all currently six-string guitar humbuckers. Select single-coil configurations are available via custom order. We do not currently offer any pickups for basses but this will not always be the case. Please direct all questions to valhallapickups@gmail.com.