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These artists are either currently using or have used Valhalla Pickups.

Cattle Decapitation (Metal Blade Records, California, USA)

Culture Killer (Metal Blade Records, Florida, USA)

Weltesser (Prosthetic Records, Florida, USA)

Vitreous (Florida, USA)

Christworm (Louisiana, USA)

Ad Nauseum (Florida, USA)

Flying Limbs (Florida, USA)

Deformed (Florida, USA)

Cloven (California, USA)

Velocirapture (Florida, USA)

Amnesty (Ontario, Canada)

Machinist! (Innerstrength Records, Georgia, USA)

10000 Rambos (Ohio, USA)

Crystal Balls (Florida, USA)

Consent (Florida, USA)

Railgun (Florida, USA)

Heavyweight (Ohio, USA)

The Mermers (Florida, USA)

Mirage (Florida, USA)

Los Panas 352 (Florida, USA)

Seagulls (Georgia, USA)

Landfill (Florida, USA)

You Vandal (Florida, USA)

Painted Space (Florida, USA)

Huber Effects & Amplification (Utah, USA)

Sky Machine Studios (Florida, USA)